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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Washington Career Pathways be sustained?

Pierce College will continue to host the Web Tool and monitor the site. Each school district and college will be responsible for updating current information.

Does the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) support Washington Career Pathways?


Are all Washington State colleges participating?

At present, Workforce Education Council (WEC) has endorsed WACAPA. The majority of colleges are participating and being trained, along with partnering high schools, skills centers and tech prep consortia.

How can school districts, skills centers and colleges upload their current Programs of Study (POS)?

The information must be copied to the Program of Study Template (POST). Training is available to all participating high schools, skills centers and colleges.

Can high schools participate (create and publish POSTs) even if their local college is not participating (Roadmaps)?

High schools can participate, even if their local college is not. However, it is not complete until all partners (college and high school and/or skills centers) have uploaded information. The goal is for all partners to collaborate in developing this Web Tool for the common use.

High schools use separate Programs of Study (POS) for Running Start (RS), Advanced Placement (AP), and all other students. Would a different POS need to be developed for each pathway?

RS and AP are transfer pathways. This Web Tool was developed to assist high school students transitioning to a college career program.

How would high schools indicate different graduation requirements (i.e. graduating class of 2012 versus subsequent years)?

We suggest you put an "*" at the bottom of POST Drawings and indicate different requirements. This would be updated yearly.

Is it up to the individual high schools, colleges and skills centers to keep POST Drawings updated?


Who do I contact if I have problems with the Web Tool (i.e. entering data, making drawings, technical issues or training support needs)?