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Due to browser compatibility issues, please use the latest version of Google Chrome or FireFox when using the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool.



This feature gives Organizations (Community Colleges and Businesses) the ability to assign local area high schools to their list of "Affiliations".

  • This feature allows Organizations to have full access to the features for creating and managing POST Drawings at affiliated high schools, in order to assist in getting POST Views published online.
  • Organizations also have the ability to copy high school POST Drawings between affiliated high schools as templates for new POST Drawings.
  • Only Organization Administrators and Webmasters users have the ability to edit Affiliations.

Affiliated High Schools

To access, click Affiliations from the side navigation menu.

  • If NO affiliations exist for your organization, the following will display beneath the confirmation of your organization name:
  • If affiliations exist, the list can be edited by adding or removing affiliated high schools:

Adding Affiliations

  1. Click on the drop-down box next to the add.png icon.
  2. The drop-down will provide a list of ALL high schools registered in the Web Tool.
  3. Once a high school is selected from the list, click add.png to save and add the school to your list.
  4. The list will update automatically.
  5. Repeat to add all high schools you want your organization to be affiliated with.

NOTE: High schools already added to your affiliations list will not display in the drop-down list.

Deleting Affiliations

  1. Click cross.png to the right of the high school you want to remove from your list of affiliated high schools.
  2. The list will update automatically.

High School Not Registered?

In order to add a high school to your list of Affiliations it must already be registered in the Web Tool.

To request registering a high school in the Web Tool please email and we will get back to you by the next business day.