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Print To PDF

From the Drawing Properties page for Roadmaps and POST Drawings, as well as POST Views, you can now download automatically generated PDF documents of your published drawings!

This feature also provides a URL link that you can put on your website for visitors to download the same document. This PDF link will always generate a PDF of the most currently published version, rendered identical to your embedded drawings or published HTML links.

Here's how:

  • From the cog.png Drawing Properties page for any published Roadmap, click the page_white_acrobat.png icon located to the left of the PDF Link field.
  • A pop-up box will open allowing you to download and save a PDF of the currently published version of that Roadmap, to your computer.
  • All hyperlinks in your Roadmap are active in this PDF document.
  • This PDF is automatically generated on the Web Tool server and always reflects the currently published version of your Roadmap Drawing, just like the HTML Link does!
  • You can copy and paste the PDF Link URL into your website code to allow viewers to download this PDF document at any time.

NOTE: This feature is also accessible for individual versions. Click the wrench.png Version Settings icon to obtain a version specific PDF.