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General Features

cog.png Drawing Properties (Access all details for the drawing as a whole: change drawing title, career cluster, get embed code, published HTML links, version details)

wrench.png Version Settings (Details for individual version of a drawing)

add.png Add (New Drawing, Add User, etc.)

page_copy.png Copy Version

cross.png Delete (Drawing, Version, User, POST Views, etc.)

pencil.png Draw/Edit Version

lock_open.png Lock Version

user.png My Drawings

lock.png Version Locked

picture.png View Version

magnifier.png Preview Version

report_go.png Publish/Unpublish Version

report.png Published Version

link.png Open External Link

printer.png Print Version

page_white_acrobat.png Download PDF

Specific to Roadmap Drawings

link_go.png Add Link (Publicly share Roadmap Drawings on specific OLMIS Occupational Reports)

Specific to POST Drawings

group.png Affiliated Drawings (POST High School Drawings)

table.png Configure Rows & Cols

lightning_go.png Import POST Drawing (XML file from Excel)