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Access from either the Drawing List or Drawing Properties page for Roadmap Drawings or POST Drawings.

wrench.png Version Settings

Here you have access to version specific drawing information and settings, such as:

  • Program drawing title with a link to cog.png Drawing Properties (where the title can be edited)
  • Version number, and whether or not it is (Published)
  • Organization name
  • Note field for special notes and details about this version, e.g. Pending Approval or updated employment links. This note will appear on the drawing list next to the version number. Click Save or Clear to manage notes.
BLANK NOTE from wrench.png Version Settings page
FILLED IN NOTE SAMPLE from wrench.png Version Settings page
SAMPLE of NOTE from cog.png Drawing Properties page
SAMPLE of NOTE from Drawing list
  • Who Created and Modified this version
  • Actions to
  • pencil.png Draw/Edit Version or picture.png View Version
  • magnifier.png Preview Version, or
  • page_copy.png Copy Version
  • Editable as identified by lock_open.png Lock Version or lock.png Version Locked. Use this feature in place of publishing until your drawing is ready to go "public".
  • HTML Link - a link.png icon and the URL for this specific version of the drawing. Once shared this link will always point to this specific version, regardless if it is current or not.
  • Click the link.png icon to open the URL in a new browser window or tab.
  • PDF Link: a page_white_acrobat.png link to download an automatically generated PDF document of this Roadmap or POST Drawing version. This link will render a PDF document identical to the graphic display of the HTML link. (See Print To PDF for more information.)