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Due to browser compatibility issues, please use the latest version of Google Chrome or FireFox when using the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool.


Roadmap Drawing List

Click the above link to learn about navigating the drawing list and utilizing dynamic filter box tools to browse drawings created by all organizations in the Web Tool.

cog.png Drawing Properties

Here you have access to "read-only" details about the drawing as a whole. Details will vary depending on whether a drawing version has been published or not.

Listed here are the features you would see if a Roadmap Drawing has been published:

  • Roadmap Title Bar - confirming the Organization and the Occupation/Program drawing title
  • Approved Program/ Name - if one was assigned
  • Alternate Title - if one was assigned, this would become the default drawing title
  • Confirmation of assigned Oregon Skill Set category
  • A list of OLMIS Occupational Reports this drawing has been linked with, if any
  • Embed Code - for embedding the published version in a public website
  • External Link - identifying where this published Roadmap has been embedded, with an link.png icon to load the web page in a new browser window or tab
  • HTML Link - a magnifier.png icon to preview the published drawing in a pop-up window
  • PDF Link - a page_white_acrobat.png link to download an automatically generated PDF document of the published Roadmap. This link will always generate a PDF of the most currently published version, rendered identical to your embedded drawings or published HTML link. (See Print To PDF for more information.)
  • XML Link - without a specific purpose yet, this URL gives you a text-only view of the XML data that each roadmap is made up of.
  • Accessible Link - the URL for an ADA Compliant, text-only, view of the published drawing, with hyperlink navigation for Roadmap content. This URL will ALWAYS link to the currently published version of the drawing.
  • and view details on each drawing version, such as:
  • Version # with link to wrench.png Version Settings
  • Who created and modified each version, and
  • Actions to
  • picture.png View Version
  • magnifier.png Preview Version
  • Published versions are highlighted in tan, stamped with the word (Published) in parentheses beside the version number, and marked as report.png Published Version.

wrench.png Version Settings

  • Here you have access to version specific drawing information and settings, such as:
  • Occupation/Program drawing title with link to cog.png Drawing Properties
  • Version number, and whether or not it is (Published)
  • Organization Name
  • The Note field to identify details about this version, e.g. Pending Approval or Needs OLMIS links. This note appears on the drawing list next to the version number as well.
  • Who Created and Modified each version
  • Actions to
  • picture.png View Version, and
  • magnifier.png Preview Version

Print This Version

Click the above title link to about printing Roadmaps in the Web Tool.

Print To PDF

PDF documents are now automatically generated on the Web Tool server and always render the currently published version of your Roadmap Drawing, just like the HTML Links do. Click the above link to learn more!

Published Drawings

Published drawings are publicly accessible, and links to published drawings in external websites, or shared by email, will always reference the currently published version! Click the above title to learn more.

ADA/504 Accessibility Compliance

The Web Tool has undergone a series of changes that have been aimed in part at ensuring accessibility of Roadmaps and POST Drawings produced by it. Click the above link to learn how.